VR, AR, XR, MR and the rest of the alphabet.

Autobaine, autokenetic, autometon, automotor horse, buggyaut, diamote, horseless carriage, motorig, motor-vique and the oleo locomotive or car.  Any time a new product or technology comes into existence, there is a period of confusion, as society learns how to implement it into daily life and marketing companies brand the correct words for the consumer.  The world of Virtual Reality is no different.

VR – Virtual Reality is the use of an immersive device that takes over your senses and replaces them with a new experience. As the user, this class of device will cover your eyes and ears of the user thus allowing you to experience something disconnected from their current environment.

AR – Augmented Reality is the use of a device that augments the user’s active senses and adds information to the user’s current experience. This class of device can be thought of as placing a video screen over your vision, or a voice in your ear, adding information relevant to what you are experiencing.

XR – Extended Reality / MX – Mixed Reality are product terms currently used by a handful of large technology companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Mixed and Augmented realities are simply an extension of Augmented Reality. The idea is to MIX your reality with computer generated information.  

The goal of all Virtual Reality application is the same: to add extended information to the user for the purpose of education, entertainment, productivity or safety. While the product names will vary, the core is of these are Immersive, Augmented and Non-Immersive

Immersive – Immersive products are normally full headsets that fully replace the user’s senses.

Augmented –
Augmented products are devices that do not block your vision or hearing from the real world; but, they add extended information.

Non-Immersive –
This is a class of devices that does not replace or interfere with your senses. It does provide external information. This class would include speakers, monitors, and wall mounted displays.

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